Well everyone, it’s with a heavy heart that it’s almost time to say goodbye.
If you’ve seen us in the last 5 months or saw our post then you would’ve known we listed our property for sale.
We sold a couple days ago and it’s time for a new chapter and adventure in our lives in Australia! We will be closing mid September so get those last bookings in ASAP. We may have a contact that will want to keep Mountainview open at another country location and will update you all as know more details.
We have loved taking care of most of your dogs and will take many fond memories with us.

Heat Exhaustion

This is the time of year we all need to be aware about heat exhaustion and how quickly it can affect a dog with horrible consequences. Just a few tips for easy prevention is all it takes.  As breeder of British Bulldogs, we are all too aware of the risks involved. We limit our exercise [...]


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